Cryptic Writings is a female fronted Megadeth Tribute based out of Colorado & was founded by Sam Smith (our Female Mini-Dave) in late 2015 & started performing in early 2016.  Since Cryptic Writings formed, they've opened for both national & semi-national acts such as The Iron Maidens, Doyle, Davey Suicide, Noise Pollution AC/DC Tribute, Hed P.E., Texas Hippie Coalition, etc. along with headlining local shows.  Sam got the idea of putting a Megadeth tribute after meeting Dave Mustaine at a pre-order meet in greet for if you pre-ordered the newest album.  Dave was signing autographs passing the line along & Sam said, "I've waited in line for 2 hours just to meet you so I'm at least going to shake your hand."  When Dave looked up from signing autographs his first words were "Oh it Mini-Me!"  At the time is was funny, but it stuck in her head & she went with it.  That was just one experience that helped to form Cryptic Writings.  

Playing in previous bands, Sam put off the idea of a tribute band for a while & wrote original music in a couple different projects.  None of which were going anywhere.  After several years of dealing with empty promises & fake friends, it was time for a change & she posted an ad to find musicians to form a tribute band to Megadeth.  After auditioning many different musicians & a member change, she finally found the right people who had the same drive & passion.  Our ultimate goal is to get to the same status as acts such as The Iron Maidens, Hollywood Roses, Noise Pollution, Damage Inc, etc.  We want to be a touring tribute band.  After years of working together, Cryptic Writings has become extremely tight with the music & adding new songs to our repertoire.  

Sam Smith was born in Orlando Florida & as a kid her family moved around quite a bit.  She Started gravitating to music at an early age Showing interest in the classic rock radio her parents were always listening to on car rides.  Around the age of 10 she asked her parents for a guitar for Christmas & that's where her musical jounrey began.  After about a year of learning to play, her parents got her the guitar she had been looking at at the local music shop.  She formed her first band in Jr. high school & has been in multiple bands since.  It wasn't until after high school that she started playing bigger venues.   Since then she's opened for multiple nation acts such as: Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel, Tracii Guns L.A. Guns, Black & Blue, Faster Pussycat, Saliva, Doyle, The Iron Maidens, etc. the list goes on.  She formed Cryptic Writings in late 2015 & they've been going strong to this day.

Her two main axes of choice are a Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Angel Of Deth & a Jacson Randy Rhoads RR5 played through a Marshall JCM2000 DSL100. 

Lionel White was born in New York City & left there at the age of 17 years old to join the Navy.  He was in the Navy for a total of 8 years & is now a Veteran.  SInce he has been interested in music, he gravitated to the drums & has been self- taught.  He moved to Colorado & has been playing in the local music scene since 1995.  He's overall been drumming for over 35 years.  By day, h'es a respiratory therapist by profession & has 24 years in his field.  Since his time playing live, he has opened for national acts such as: Motograter, Metal Church, Jack Russel's Great White, Avatar, Raven, Nazereth, Hed P.E., Tantric, Dokken, etc.  the list continues. 

Jimie Rod was born in Pueblo Colorado & as a kid was interested in music.  He would listen to his favorite bands & gravitated to the sound of the Bass Guitar.  He started playing bass in Jr. High & in 9th grade started his first band.  By the time he was out of high school he was playing around town in local bands & eventually got the opportunity to tour.  In the 80s & 90s he did a North American tour.  In 2004 he went on tour to South Korea on an MWR tour.  During his musical journey he has opened for acts such as: Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Trower, Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel, Slaughter, Winger, Bullet Boys, Mick Fleetwood, Tracii Guns L.A. Guns, etc., amongst many more to name.  

Anthony Martinez was born in the small town of Raton, New Mexico and began his fascination with music at a young age when he laid his hands on a guitar for the first time at the age of 11.  Having a mother as well as other family members that were accomplished musicians, it was easy to feed that passion.  He grew up playing everything from country to death metal, but thrash metal has alwasys been a passion for him.

In 2013 he reached out to his favorite metal guitarist Chris Broderick (Megadeth/ Act of Defiance) to take guitar lessons.  Since then Anthony also enlisted the guitarist virtuosity of Greg Burgess (Allegaeon) for lessons as well as taking drum lessons from Shawn Drover (Megadeth/ Act of Defiance) to round out his musical ability. 

This video was shot at Sunshine Studios Live over the summer of 2019. This one features our old guitar player Brent Wright & current members: Jimie Rod, Lionel White, & Sam Smith

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